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SAC Commercial Part & DT Spare Parts

Suppliers of a Wide Range of Quality Truck Parts and Components

Since 2004, SAC Commercial Parts has been engaged in supplying a full range of commercial truck & vehicle parts and components. This makes us one of South Africa’s Leading Suppliers in the automotive industry. Our range can be counted on by big brand auto parts distributors, wholesalers and you, the individual client. We constantly expand our market in order to enrich our selection of quality manufactured OEM replacement parts. SAC Commercial Parts have you covered, all the way.

Truck Parts & Truck Components

Truck Filters & Bakkie Filters
Oil & Fluids
Truck Air Compressor
Air Compressor
Truck & Bakkie Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning
Truck Air Dryer
Air Dryer
Truck Air Valve
Air Valves
Truck Air Booster
Air Booster
Truck Air Bellows
Air Bellows
Truck & Bakkie Belts, Pulleys & Tensioners
Belts, Pulleys & Tensioners
Truck & Bakkie Exterior Parts
Body Exterior
Truck & Bakkie Brakes
Truck & Bakkie Cabin Parts
Cabin Interior
Truck & Bakkie Chassis Parts
Truck & Bakkie Clutch & Flywheel
Clutch & Flywheel
Truck & Bakkie Radiator & Cooling System Parts
Radiator & Cooling System
Truck & Bakkie Cylinderhead Complete and Parts
Truck & Bakkie Drivetrain & Diff Parts
Drivetrain & Diff
Truck & Bakkie Internal Engine Parts
Engine Internal
Truck Exhaust System
Exhaust System
Truck & Bakkie Fuel Injection Parts
Fuel Injection System
Truck & Bakkie Gearbox Complete & Parts
Truck Hydraulic Parts & Components
Hydraulic System
Truck & Bakkie Lights
Truck & Bakkie Mirrors
Truck & Bakkie Alternator & Charging System Parts
Truck & Bakkie Piston, Rings & Liner Kits & Parts
Piston, Rings & Liner
Truck & Bakkie Selenoids, Switches & Sensors
Sensors, Solenoids & Switches
Truck & Bakkie Shocks
Truck & Bakkie Starter
Truck & Bakkie Steering System Parts
Steering System
Truck & Bakkie Suspension Parts
Trailer Parts & Accessories
Trailer Parts & Accessories
Truck & Bakkie Turbo & Charge System
Turbo & Charge System
Truck & Bakkie Wheel & Hub
Wheel & Hub
Specialist Parts Supplier For
  • Volvo Trucks
  • Man Trucks
  • DAF Trucks
  • Scania Trucks
  • Mercedes Trucks
  • Hino Trucks
  • Trailers
  • UD Trucks
  • Isuzu Trucks 
  • Mercedes Sprinter
  • Toyota Bakkies
  • Ford Bakkies 
  • Nissan Bakkies
  • Isuzu Bakkies
SAC Commercial Part & DT Spare Parts
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SAC Commercial Part & DT Spare Parts
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