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Since 2004, SAC Commercial Parts has been engaged in supplying a full range of transmission parts and components for your trucks and busses. This makes us one of South Africa’s Leading Suppliers in the automotive industry. We stock the universal joints you may require to get that vehicle on the road again. Our quality manufactured products are counted on by big brand auto parts distributors and wholesalers. Even you, the individual client, can count on them. Contact us today for fast and friendly service.

Your Main Features & Benefits

Prevent costly breakdowns due to faulty U-joints and other related transmission issues. Always invest in quality manufactured parts and component and reap its benefits.

 A comfortable & safe drive

Assurance that everything in the driveshaft assembly runs smoothly.

 Value for Money

Quality manufactured OEM replacement parts save you money.

 Best quality product

It is not unusual to find that the quality of a replacement part meets or exceeds that of an OEM version.

SAC Commercial Part & DT Spare Parts
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