Guaranteed quality and affordability, coupled with a time-sensitive approach to customer service, warrant that SAC Commercial Parts can be relied on to meet all your Battery requirements, and to do so at best price in the shortest possible time.

Why purchase our Batteries?

Not only do our sealed 12 V batteries meet OEM standards, but they are also completely maintenance-free and offer guaranteed extended battery life, improved performance and reduced instances of battery failure. 

Both our local and internationally sourced suppliers use only the best quality materials and incorporate the latest grid technologies in their manufacturing processes to produce batteries with increased structural strength and higher resistance to vibration loads and corrosion. 

Voltage values and state-of-charge are tested and formally communicated prior to dispatching of goods to ensure that our clients receive the full extent of their 24-month warranty period. This, coupled with the fact that there are no core charges levied on our batteries, translates into actual money saved.

Our range of Batteries


• SMF 65 – 100 Amp Hours
638, 639, 650, 652, 657, 668
• SMF 100 – 150 Amp Hours
658, 659, 674, 683, 690, 1150, 1151
• SMF 150 Amp Hours & Higher
688-4, 688-5, 689, 695, 696

Battery 688-4SMF 200

Recommended for i.e.
VOLVO FH13 etc.

Battery 695SMF 225 Ah

Recommended for i.e.
SCANIA ≥ 2001
HINO 700 ≥ 2014 etc.

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